Unique Corporate Gift Ideas
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Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

by Nadia Ali 11 Apr 2023
Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

Whether you’re looking for a company-wide gift to show appreciation to your employees or are trying to stand out and wow a current or potential client, giving out a corporate gift is definitely a good idea. 

But, let’s get real: so many of those same-old logoed mugs, mousepads, and pencils usually just end up being shoved into a junk drawer or relegated to a thrift store. 

So if you really want to wow your customers and show off all of the unique and wonderful things that make your brand the best in the biz, you need a unique corporate gift to match! Read on for ideas on making a lasting impression with these unique corporate gift ideas. 

Dirty Cookie Cookie Shots 

    If we know one thing to be true, it’s that delicious, gourmet cookies are the universal way to anyone’s heart. So Dirty Cookie took everything there is to love about (warm, soft, chewy, and perfectly sweetened) cookies, and turned them into a shot glass with our Cookie Shots! These shot glass-shaped cookies are the perfect treat at any time of the day, whether you need something to munch on while you’re on the job or are cheers-ing with a grown-up beverage to celebrate a new business deal. 

    Even better: Dirty Cookie also offers custom-branded packages that are perfect for all of your corporate gifting needs. Each Cookie Shot and/or Stuffed Cookie can be easily customized with edible pictures of your business logo so that everyone knows exactly who gifted those delectable and showstopping treats. Our corporate packages are also made to order with a quick turnaround and premium ingredients to wow your customers and employees alike. 

    Cookie Shots
    Google Cookie Shots

    Office-friendly plants

      Flowers are the standby gift for showing appreciation, but flowers are also only pretty for a couple of days at most before they start to wilt and die. So take that same sentiment but make it more long-lasting by gifting a live potted plant instead! Look for easy-to-care-for plants that can do well even with minimal care, especially if they’re going to be living indoors in an office. Then add your company’s logo to the pot and gift it to all of your best clients as a testament to your long-standing business relationship. 

      High-tech water bottles

        Coffee mugs, wine glasses, and water bottles are a dime a dozen when it comes to corporate gifting. So the key here is to invest in really nice water bottles that your clients or employees are actually going to want to use. Look for bottles that filter as you drink or bottles that self-clean with UV technology, for a clean sip of hydration every time. 

        Portable power banks

          Businesses run on their technology, which makes a portable power bank a corporate gift that’s sure to be appreciated and used very often. Don’t forget to add your company’s logo to the battery pack so they know who to thank when their power bank saves them from a tech disaster! 

          Gourmet snack baskets

            Edible corporate gifts are always a good way to go. Fill up a custom snack basket with a selection of premium sweet and savory snacks, making sure that you’re using gourmet brands to really elevate your basket. Don’t forget the Cookie Shots or Stuffed Cookies if you really want to stand out and impress with a delectable treat. 

            Reusable grocery bags

              If one of your company’s main tenants is to improve sustainability and help the planet where you can, a reusable grocery bag is a great gift. Choose a high-quality canvas tote and add your own logo to it so the people who love your company can work on their own sustainability practices every time they hit the grocery store.

              Customized oven mitts 

                Oven mitts are a cute and useful gift, especially if you’re giving them to employees or clients who love to throw down in the kitchen. This is also a great corporate gift item if you’re in the food biz! 

                Local coffee swag bag

                  No matter what industry you’re in, it’s a pretty good bet that many of the people around you are big fans of coffee and caffeine in general. Help them stay focused and productive by gifting them a swag bag filled with locally-sourced coffee blends. 

                  Fitness trackers

                    If you really want to wow with your gift, consider giving away a company-branded fitness tracker or smartwatch! This is an especially good end-of-the-year gift to help people work on their upcoming New Year’s resolutions, or for gifting to folks who work in health-focused industries. 

                    Gift cards to in-demand stores in the area

                      Gift cards are always well-received gifts, but many of them end up being unused and shoved in a drawer somewhere. To ensure that your gift actually gets used, shop around for in-demand stores and restaurants in the area that you know people will actually want to visit. If you’re shopping for employees or clients that you’ve worked with for a long time, keep their interests in mind: a little bit of customization goes a long way. 

                      Monogrammed laptop portfolios

                        A stylish and sturdy laptop portfolio is a corporate gift that screams “luxury.” You can customize them with a logo of your own company, but it’s even more meaningful to have them monogrammed with the recipient’s own name. 

                        Wireless earbuds

                          Wireless earbuds can make a world of difference in any busy, open office environment. They’re also great for working out or just tuning into a favorite podcast. 

                          Wifi extender

                            If you’ve noticed that an employee or client has been struggling with a spotty wifi connection, an extender is an awesome and unique corporate gift idea that’ll make their life a whole lot easier. 

                            Personal office heaters 

                              The coldest colleagues are definitely going to thank you for this one! Offices are notoriously drafty, and arguments about the thermostat are common. Make everyone in the office happy with a small, personal office heater that can keep their own work area nice and toasty no matter what the temperature outside is. 

                              Bluetooth speakers 

                                Branded Bluetooth speakers are a great gift in and outside of the office. For bonus points. Look for waterproof and weatherproof speakers so that they’ll want to take them along on every adventure. 

                                Customized travel backpacks 

                                  Travel backpacks can make the lives of frequent travelers so much easier, and so they make a great gift for anyone who spends a good amount of their work schedule traveling from office to office. Make sure to find options that contain plenty of space for the basics like laptops and portfolios, as well as some room for all their other travel necessities. 

                                  Custom socks

                                    Even though T-shirts and hoodies tend to be the go-to when it comes to company-customized gear, don’t underestimate the value of a good customized sock! They’re cute and fun, and clients and employees alike can rock your company’s logo a little more subtly. 

                                    Customized planners 

                                      Have them think about your brand every time they’re sitting down and setting goals! Get some customized planners that they’re sure to use every single day. 

                                      Throw blankets 

                                        Finally, a throw blanket is always a good gift. Look for luxury materials like sherpa, wool, or cashmere to really stand out and keep your giftee warm. These are also great employee gifts for keeping your hardest workers nice and toasty in the office no matter what the weather outside looks like. 


                                        Putting some thought into your corporate gifts can go a long way with employees, colleagues, and clients alike. From delectable cookies to fun and useful tech, think outside the box to wow everyone on your gift list! 

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