Back 2 School Dirty Cookie Apple Pops!
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Back 2 School Dirty Cookie Apple Pops!

by Bold Commerce Collaborator 25 Aug 2020
Back 2 School Dirty Cookie Apple Pops!

Red Apple Dirty Cookie Pops

We've all heard the saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Nobody said it had to be the fruit apple, they just simply said an apple. So why not a dirty cookie apple pop instead? A little bit of sugar hurts nobody, and it's the perfect sweet treat at the start of a new school year! 

Like most dessert pops, their fillings are made of a sweet treat blended and molded together. Instead of using your stereotypical cake or brownie options, we decided to go with our very own Dirty Cookie Cookie Shot as our sweet treat instead. So all the ingredients you will need to make your back 2 school, Red Apple Dirty Cookie Pops are Dirty Cookie cookie shots, cream cheese, red candy melts, and pretzel sticks!


-1 assortment of Dirty Cookie cookie shots

-8 oz cream cheese

-1 pack of red candy melts

-pretzel sticks



1. In a blender, place all your Dirty Cookie shots in and blend till they're fulling blended into a fine texture. 

2. Add in 8 oz of cream cheese, at room temperature, into a mixing bowl. Pour in the crushed Dirty Cookie shots and mix till both ingredients are fully combined together. It should form a thick brownie like texture. 

3. Take tiny clumps of the Dirty Cookie pop mix, and roll them into tiny balls. They'll automatically stick and hold together due to the cream cheese. 

4. Set all the little round balls aside on a piece of parchment paper. 

5. Cut your pretzel sticks in half and place them into each Dirty Cookie pop. It should form the silhouette of an apple! Then place them all into the freezer to chill.

6. Place your red candy melts into a microwave safe bowl. Place it in the microwave in 15 seconds waves, or till the chocolates fully melt. 

7. Once the chocolate candy melts have fully melted, grab your Dirty Cookie pops out of the freezer and dip them one by one. Make sure to fully coat them, but to not cover the pretzel sticks with chocolate. Why? The Pretzel sticks are the stems of the apples. 

8. Freeze all your Apple Dirty Cookie Pops for at least 15 minutes, and then serve! 

Not only is this recipe kid friendly, and a fun back 2 school snack, but it's a great way to trick your kids into eating their fruits! Learning that apples are delicious and equally just as necessary as The Dirty Cookie! 

The Dirty Cookie

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