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Chocolate Chip Cookie Delight Recipe

by Bold Commerce Collaborator 26 Sep 2020
Chocolate Chip Cookie Delight Recipe

Delighting you this weekend, and with their presence, we have a Chocolate Chip Cookie Delight recipe for you! This delicious light and fluffy dessert is a non bake recipe and very kid friendly too! So grab your little mini chef's, and let us get baking in the kitchen. 

The best part of this cookie delight is that, the amount of chocolate in it is not overwhelming or heavy. It's the perfect amount of chocolate for a quick sweet tooth craving, and it will not leave you feeling like you just ate your way through Charlie's Chocolate Factory. 


-1 assortment pack Dirty Cookie Cookie Shots

-1 pack of chocolate pudding mix 

-1 pack of vanilla pudding mix

-1 carton whipped cream

-1 cup of powder sugar

-8 oz cream cheese

-3 cups of milk



1. You'll need two different mixing bowls for this recipe. In the first mixing bowl, we'll be creating the white fluffy section of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Delight. In this bowl, place in your cream cheese and powder sugar. Then, grab a blender and mix it all together.

2. Once your cream cheese and powder sugar is fully mixed together, and there are no more cream cheese chunks, add in the whipped cream. Grab your spatula and fold all your whipped cream in till the texture is light and fluffy. 

3. Set the white fluffy mixture aside, and grab your second bowl. In your second bowl add your milk and both bags of pudding mix. Mix all three ingredients together till you have a thick brown pudding mixture. If it is too thick, then keep adding milk in. The consistency should feel like smooth peanut butter. 

4. Now that you have made both parts, grab a Dirty Cookie Shot and start filling the first bottom half of each cookie shot with the white fluffy mixture from the first bowl. 

5. Tap the bottom of each cookie against the palm of your hand, or until the white fluff is fully sitting on the bottom, and to get rid of any air bubbles there may be. 

6. Then, add in the pudding mixture till the top rim of each cookie shot is filled.

7. Once you've filled each cookie shot with the pudding mixture, go ahead and top every single cookie shot off with a thin layer of whipped cream. Optional: grab a chocolate bar and add some shavings or chunks to garnish.

8. Lick, Bite & Enjoy!

We hope you find great joy in this delicious delight and easy dessert recipe! And do not forget to place your Halloween pre-orders in by October 1st midnight, with the code "SPOOKY15"! 

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