Chocolate Mousse Cookie Shot Filling Recipe
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Chocolate Mousse Cookie Shot Filling Recipe

by Bold Commerce Collaborator 10 Jul 2020
Chocolate Mousse Cookie Shot Filling Recipe

Chocolate Mousse Cookie Shot Filling


To all of our dear chocolate lovers, we have your back this week! We’re super excited to be sharing with you, not only a delicious dessert recipe, but an elegant dessert for your up and coming classy event. Trust us, you’ll leave your guest speechless and satisfied! Here’s a delicious Chocolate Mousse Filling Recipe to go with your Dirty Cookie cookie shot. A uniquely delicious dessert recipe to serve at your future house parties! The best part of this recipe is that it doesn’t require any baking, the perfect dessert recipe for beginners.



-1 1/2 cups Heavy Whipping Cream
-1/4 cup Coca Powder
-1/2 cup Powder Sugar
-1/4 teaspoon Vanilla Extract


  1. Grab a medium sized mixing bowl. Than

  2. Place 1 1/2 cups of heavy whipping cream inside the mixing bowl. Start whipping your heavy whipping cream till it's thick and frothy.  Frothy consistency looks like a bunch of mini air bubbles are being formed, the consistency you would see in your lattes. 

  3. In the same exact mixing bowl, place both 1/2 cup of powder sugar and 1/4 cups of cocoa powder.

  4. Mix carefully and keep whipping till a soft peak consistency becomes formed. 

  5. Add vanilla extract and continue to whip all your ingredients together till a firm peak form. You know it's a peak when you lift your mixing utensil outside of the bowl and none of your mixer slides straight off and back into the bowl. 

  6. Once firm peaks are formed, carefully using a spatula, place your chocolate mousse into your pipping bag with your pipping tip of choice. Be really careful, and use the folding technique when scooping your chocolate mousse up. That way you won't pop all the air bubble out of the texture.

  7. Grab your favorite flavored Dirty Cookie cookie shot, and fill to the brim with chocolate mousse.

  8. Lastly, refrigerant your Chocolate Mousse Filled Cookie Shots till serving time! Maybe even top it with some mini chocolate chips!

  9. ENJOY!


Now remember, you can serve your chocolate mousse filling in ANY Dirty Cookie cookie shot! So go shop our collections RIGHT NOW! We have a wide variety of themed and designed cookie shots to choose from. We even do custom designs for special events too. Need a custom design? Simply just email us at



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