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Coffee Mousse Recipe

by Nadia Ali 19 Apr 2021
Coffee Mousse Recipe

We all know our hard working moms are also hard core coffee lovers. From all those early mornings and late nights they have, working hard just to make sure we are running on our best foot everyday!

So we're here to be your moms this Mother's Day, and We're going to make your Mother's Day gift ten times easier. How? By sharing you the easiest recipe you've ever seen! We're talking about 3 ingredients, and two of them are just right off our website! The best part of it all, we already know your moms are all going to love it!


- Mother's Day Dirty Cookie Cookie Shots

- 1C Heavy Whipping Cream

- 2 heaping Tablespoons of Dirty Cookie Cafe Latte Beverage Mix



1. In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine all your ingredients together. 

2. Grab your hand mixer and whip together your whipped cream with Cafe Latte Beverage Mix till firm peaks form. You'll know you have firm peaks, also know as Coffee Mousse, when you lift your hand mixer straight out of your mixing bowl and nothing is falling off the whisk.

3. Fill your pipping bag with Coffee Mousse. Grab your Dirty Cookie Cookie Shots and pipe each cookie shot full with your Coffee Mousse. Serve and cheers away with mom!


Our Cafe Latte Make At Home Beverage Mixes make everyday simple recipes so much easier and favorable! You could even use your leftover beverage mix to make your mom a lovely cup of coffee! 

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