Graduation Grad Cap Cookie Bites
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Graduation Grad Cap Cookie Bites

by Nadia Ali 26 May 2021
Graduation Grad Cap Cookie Bites

Cheers to another hard working class out there! Graduating from college, high school, phd, middle school, the list goes on. All levels of graduating is a huge milestone in life to celebrate! All those stressful late nights studying, internships, work and more, is and will pay off very soon! But as always, in google Dirty Cookie fashion, dessert first! 

Hands down, this mini Graduation Grad Cap Cookie Bite recipe is going to be the dessert you've been wanting and waiting for. The perfect sweet treat to cheers away too. 



- Dirty Cookie Cookie Shots

- Ice Cream (flavor of choice)

- Mini Brownie Bites

- Mini M&M's

- Chocolate Squares (Ghiradelli, Hershey, etc..)

- Airhead Extreme Candy

- Mini Icing Packs



1. Grab a mini brownie bite and flip it upside down, so the bottom side is facing up. This is going to be the base of your Graduation Grad Cap. 

2. Grab your chocolate squares and unwrap them or break your chocolate bar into chocolate squares. We highly suggest just grabbing a pack of Ghiradelli chocolates, since they are already shaped into a perfectly squared square. Or, you can always grab a Hersey bar and break them into square pieces.

3. Once you've grabbed your chocolate squares, you're going to place a small amount of icing onto the bottom side, the side now facing up, of your mini brownie bites. The icing will act as adhesive as you place your chocolate square right onto of your upside down brownie bite. 

4. Now take your Airhead Extreme Candy belts and a pair of kitchen scissors, and we're going to carefully cut them into separate pieces. We'll do so by each color strand separate from one another. Then cut them into 1 1/2-2 inch long strands. These strains will act like the tassel on your graduation grad cap.

5. With your mini icing pack, candy tassel, and a single mini m&m, you're going to assemble to top decoration portion of your graduation cap. Place a tiny dot of icing on the center of the chocolate square. Then, place down one end of your candy tassel, followed by another tiny icing dot on top, and then the mini M&M. You should then have a graduation cap as shown below!


6. Lastly, fill your cookie shot up with ice cream and top it all off with your graduation grad cap and CHEERS!



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