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Leprechaun's Hot Chocolate

by Nadia Ali 25 Feb 2021
Leprechaun's Hot Chocolate

We could all use all the St Patrick's Day luck. And if that means we have to suck up to the Leprechauns a little and lay out some snacks from them, then very well. Now we all know Santa loves his milk and cookies, so why not leave a little snack trap of a delicious hot chocolate and cookies for our little Leprechauns? After all, once we've captured our little Leprechaun, they have no choice but to take us to their pot of gold right?

Or even if you don't believe in Leprechauns and their pot of gold, a little extra green this March can't hurt nobody? Now this Leprechaun Hot Chocolate isn't just hot chocolate with green food coloring. We're talking about a refreshing vanilla mint hot chocolate with a little bit of green food coloring. Something sweet yet refreshing at the same time!



- St. Patricks Themed Dirty Cookie Cookie Shots

- 1 Cup of Milk

- 1/2 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

- 2 teaspoons of Mint Extract

- Green Food Coloring

- Whipped Cream *optional



1.  In a medium sauce pan, over high heat, add in 1 cup of milk and heat till nice and warm. Make sure your milk isn't boiling, because it'll therefore be too hot for enjoyment. 

2. Once your milk is nice and hot, go ahead and add in the remaining ingredients. then stir all the ingredients together. We would advise to add in about 4 drops of food coloring to begin with, and you can always add more if you wish to.

3. You may now set it aside to cool down a little, or serve immediately, depending how hot you like your hot chocolate. Then of course, add some whip cream on top to complete to look! 

We hope this Leprechaun Hot Chocolate can bring you all the good luck juju you could possibly ask for! And don't forget to place your pre-order for your St. Patricks cookie shots before they all sell out! 


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