A Delightful, Light + Airy Strawberry Brownie Cup Recipe
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A Delightful, Light + Airy Strawberry Brownie Cup Recipe

by Bold Commerce Collaborator 05 Aug 2020
A Delightful, Light + Airy Strawberry Brownie Cup Recipe

Strawberry Brownie Cup 

Historically, August has always been the back to school month. Summer basically already over for our students, or they are over already. But that doesn't mean, nor is it stopping us, from wanting to keep this young and whimsical summer air afloat. The fruit that is most associated with the thought of summer is, strawberries! Not to mention, the beginning of summer is prime strawberry picking season. 

So, we're excited to introduce you to this delicious and super simple Strawberry Brownie Cup recipe. It's the perfect way to wind down from a day of classes, or zoom calls, out in your backyard enjoying the last few breathes of the summer air.



-Mini Brownie Bites

-Whipped Cream


1. Place an order of our Dirty Cookie Shots. This might seem like a no brainer, but it's also THE PERFECT care package gift for your loved ones who don't live nearby or you're unable to see for a while.

2. Grab a cutting board and slice both your strawberries and mini brownie bites into tiny bite sizes. The smaller the cube slices, the better. Especially since our Dirty Cookie Shots have a small volume size.


3. Fill your pipping bag with whipped cream. Snip the tip and start piping a layer of whipped cream to cover to bottom surface of your Dirty Cookie Cookie Shot. (Pro Tip: if needed, tap the bottom of your cookie shot against the palm of your hand. The force of gravity will then pull the whipped cream towards the bottom of the cookie shot, therefore allowing the whipped cream to fully sit and form the first layer of many in this recipe.)

4. Carefully place a Layer of chopped strawberries on top of the whipped cream, and then a layer of brownies on top of the strawberries. 

5. to top it all off, add another layer of whipped cream on top to cap off the entire Dirty Cookie Cookie Shot Strawberry Brownie Cup recipe!

6. Lick, Bite & Enjoy!

We hope this simple easy recipe brings you all the nostalgic summer vibes. And of course, don't forget to place some Dirty Cookie Cookie Shots for your loved one's care packages! 

The Dirty Cookie

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