Bachelor Party Ideas: The Ultimate Guide To Throwing An Epic Celebrati
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Bachelor Party Ideas: The Ultimate Guide To Throwing An Epic Celebration For The Groom

by Nadia Ali 27 Apr 2023
Bachelor Party Ideas: The Ultimate Guide To Throwing An Epic Celebration For The Groom

Besides the wedding itself, there’s another wedding event that the groom is definitely looking forward to: their bachelor party! 

Bachelor parties are parties that are thrown to celebrate the groom and his upcoming nuptials with his closest buddies and family members. As such, a good bachelor party should be an epic experience, filled with all the things he loves the most, to make it a party he’ll never forget. 

If you really want to take the bachelor party to the next level and earn the title of “best bachelor party planner ever,” you won’t want to forget the party favors. But rather than using the same-old gifts like can koozies that you see at every bachelor bash, consider giving out edible party favors like Cookie Shots from Dirty Cookie! 

There are few ways that say “celebration” quite like taking a shot, so these delicious shot “glasses” made with mouthwateringly delicious cookies are the perfect pairing for all festivities. They can be filled with any beverage that pairs well with cookies (think milk or ice cream, but also Baileys or Kahlua for a more adult celebration). They also come in several flavors and can be customized specifically for the groom – for example, take a cue from Kim Kardashian, who had her Cookie Shots custom decorated with pictures of her face on her 42nd birthday! Find your favorite pictures of the groom and put them on the shot glass for a funny and delicious treat that pairs perfectly with all the celebrating you’ll be doing. 

But of course, cookies alone (usually) don’t make an entire bachelor party, so we’ve gathered a list of the best bachelor party activities, destinations, and ideas for throwing an epic bachelor bash. 

Fun bachelor party activities the groom will never forget 

Bar hopping ——but make it even more fun than usual. 

Bar hopping is one of the penultimate activities of any bachelor party. But if you want to really make it a night to remember and differentiate it from all the other times that you and your friends have gone out on the town, consider mixing it up and exploring the bar scene in a new and exciting way. 

Some options for elevating your bachelor party bar hopping experience: 

  • Look up beer bikes in your city, which are enormous multi-person bikes pedaled by everyone in the party and led by a tour guide who’ll direct you guys to some of the best bars in the city while enjoying some brews along the way. Some cities even have beer boats, if that’s more your groom’s speed! 
  • Organize a structured “bar hop” complete with a map and itinerary so that everyone knows what to expect from the night and which route to follow. This way, you can ensure that you get the most out of the night and visit as many destinations as you can that you know the groom would appreciate. You can even add more fun elements like making a scavenger hunt with specific items to look out for at each destination. 
  • Dress up! Have everyone in the party dress to a theme that honors the groom — for example, if the groom is known for his ever-changing style over the years, have everyone dress up as the groom did at different eras of his life! Or, for an even funnier option, screen print out pictures of the groom’s face on T-shirts and distribute them among everyone at the party to really celebrate him in style. 

Rent a private boat

If your bachelor party is taking place at a destination that’s close to a beautiful body of water, consider renting a private boat or yacht to celebrate the groom on the seas. Don’t forget the details like music, food, snacks, sunscreen, and towels. 

Visit a brewery or winery

Depending on your groom’s favorite beverage, a visit to a brewery or winery is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Set up some tastings so that you all can sample the best of what the brewery or winery has to offer. You can even arrange a tour to get an inside view of how their favorite drinks are made and distributed! 

Take a hike

For the groom whose love of his bride is only rivaled by a love of the outdoors, arrange a fun day spent outdoors by planning a hike! You can even organize his bachelor party to be a full-on camping trip so you can celebrate under the stars and with a bonfire. 

Organize a paintball tournament

If you have a large enough party, a paintball tournament is a great activity for having fun and indulging in some friendly competition. Look for paintball arenas in your area and divide everyone into two teams, then have at it. Losing team has to buy the winners a drink! 

Axe throwing 

Axe throwing has become a hugely popular activity and is great for blowing off some steam and getting a friendly competition going in the process. Look for axe-throwing venues in the city or town where your bachelor party is taking place and give everyone a chance to let their inner lumberjacks shine.

Ideas for destination bachelor parties

While you can have a ton of fun locally, some grooms prefer a full-blown weekend trip to a fun locale to celebrate the last few months before they’re officially wed. So if you’re planning on making it a destination trip, here are some ideas for some of the most fun bachelor destinations in the United States. 

Las Vegas 

There are no cities as synonymous with “parties” as Las Vegas, Nevada, which is why it’s one of the penultimate destinations for bachelor parties! With a huge variety of casinos, hotels, clubs, and bars that cater to all tastes and budgets, you’re sure to curate the perfect experience based on the groom’s interests and hobbies. There’s also no shortage of other activities: go to a concert by one of the groom’s favorite musicians, indulge in top-class dining, wind down with a luxurious spa treatment … the possibilities are really endless in Vegas. 


Another major party destination, Miami, Florida is a great place to take the groom to enjoy some sand, sun, and sea. With an unrivaled nightlife, world-class restaurants, private boats for rent, and plenty of warm, sunny days, this destination is an awesome option for a tropical getaway and a trip that no one will forget anytime soon. 


For an epic trip that’ll allow the groom to get his fill of the great outdoors, there are few destinations that are quite as epic as Denver, Colorado. Its proximity to the beautiful Rocky Mountains means that there is no shortage of outdoor activities to do, from hiking to skiing and mountain biking. It’s also known for its microbreweries and distilleries, which is perfect for the groom who enjoys a nice craft beer at the end of a long day of adventure-seeking in the mountains. 

New Orleans

New Orleans is another hot spot for bachelor parties due to its unique and historied culture, vibrant nightlife, and world-renowned cuisine. Its rich history, jazzy music scene, and epic nightlife are rivaled only by its rich history and delicious local Cajun and Creole fare, which makes it an ideal bachelor party destination for foodies with a deep appreciation of the culture. 

San Diego 

San Diego, California is world-famous for its beautiful beaches, perfect year-round weather, and premiere restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. The groom and his buddies can also enjoy sailing, surfing, golfing, hiking, and generally enjoying the sunshine all day long, then hit up some of Southern California’s most famous bars and nightclubs once the sun goes down. 


Finally, for the groom who lives for music, there’s no better destination than Nashville, Tennessee for an epic bachelor party. Nashville, aka Music City, is known around the world as a hub for country music, and your whole party can enjoy visiting honky-tonk bars, seeing concerts for well-known and up-and-coming musicians, and visiting bars, clubs, and restaurants. 


A bachelor party is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process for many grooms, so making sure that your party plans align with his interests and hobbies is a great way to make an experience he’ll never forget. Start by curating a list of some of the groom’s favorite things to do and ways to celebrate, keep everyone’s budget in mind while planning, and don’t forget to bring along an assortment of delicious cookies from The Dirty Cookie to keep everyone fueled and happy during the festivities! 

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