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What is Cookie Butter?

by shahira Marei 08 Feb 2019
What is Cookie Butter?

Cookie butter is not the same as cookie dough.

This creamy, magical cookie treat is actually made using baked cookies so nothing is raw. It's now morphed from just Spiced to Chocolate Chip to Red Velvet or Snickerdoodle Cookie Butter (a fan fave).

The delectable sweet spread that’s taking the world by storm. But what exactly is this creamy, magical cookie treat that seems to go so well with everything? How is it different from cookie dough? Here’s what you should know.

Cookie butter, pretzels, fruit dip, pancakes, spread

It Started with a Television Show (As Most Hypes Do)

Back in 2006 a contestant named Els Scheppers came out on a show called “De Bedenkers” in Belgium and introduced her mouth watering creation, cookie butter, to excited home viewers. It wasn’t long before the dessert like, but-still-acceptable-to-eat-for-lunch, spread was on shelves everywhere, hitting the US market in 2011.

Cookie butter was originally made using Specuoos, a popular spiced cookie. Luckily you now also have options like traditional Chocolate Chip or Red Velvet, Matcha Green Tea and even Snickerdoodle Cookie Butter (a fan favorite).

It’s an Actual Cookie in Spreadable Form

Cookie butter is literally a cookie that’s transformed to give you the smooth spreadability and the excitement that you get when you’re about to lick cake batter off a spoon before you throw the rest in the oven.

It’s simple, brilliant and perfectly compliments things like waffles, pancakes, toast and fruit and of course tastes divine when eaten right from the jar (don’t tell your kids).

cookie butter spread, coffee, toast, nutella, chocolate chip, fruit dip,

Cookie butter is not the same as cookie dough. Cookie butter is actually made using baked cookies so nothing is raw.

Cookie Butter is ‘Healthier’ than Nutella

Listen it’s not an apple, so we’re not talking about your breakfast foods here, but Cookie Butter is actually a great substitute when you’re looking for something sweet and creamy without the extreme sugar rush! Cookie butter is roughly half the amount of sugar in Nutella.

You Can Find Plenty of Recipes that call for Cookie Butter - Spice up any party with pretzels, fruit and cookie butter!!

Throwing a party and want to try something different? Cookie butter can be your secret ingredient (literally). You can make snickerdoodle ice cream that tastes like heaven by adding our snickerdoodle cookie butter to this simple recipe. You can also make your own Cookie Butter bark by using our Chocolate Chip Cookie Butter in this cookie bark recipe to surprise your friends and family.

There are Vegan Cookie Butter Options

Diet restricting you from living your best life? Don’t fret. Cookie butter isn’t just for the milk and butter consuming. The Dirty Cookie also offers an insanely delicious Vegan Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Butter Spread that will probably become a staple food item in your household, especially if you love dipping your fruits, or if you were looking for a viable pancake topping option.

We also offer a Vegan Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookie Butter which is essentially like taking everything you love about peanut butter and adding the only thing you were missing, and then giving you the ability to eat it with a spoon. You are so welcome.

Grab a jar or two of The Dirty Cookie Cookie butter jars here!

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