5 Thanksgiving Vegan Dessert Ideas to Gobble Gobble
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5 Delicious Thanksgiving Vegan Dessert Ideas to Gobble Gobble Up

by shahira Marei 21 Nov 2018
5 Delicious Thanksgiving Vegan Dessert Ideas to Gobble Gobble Up

Dirty Cookie's roundup of vegan dessert ideas for guilt-free Thanksgiving hosting 

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, a time  to gather around the dinner table,devour an incredible meal and give gratitude for your loved ones.

And what’s Thanksgiving without desserts to share with your most cherished family
and friends?

This holiday season, skip the typical vegan pumpkin pie and try these 5 unique ideas for a more crowd pleasing, more delectable display!

These ideas can be an exciting twist and a pleasant surprise for your guests. So
much so, your non-vegan friends will be leaving the party in disbelief of what
they’ve been missing!

Here are 5 ideas to create a more variable and tasty array of treats.

Hold the Pie and try a Vegan, Gluten Free Waffle Bar

Whether store bought or home made, there are plenty of options for incredible & healthy vegan gluten free waffles. Have a toaster oven ready to pop in the frozen treats, or setup a waffle bar with batter and fruits for extra crafty fun for the kids.

To top it all off, nothing goes better with bananas, blueberries and waffles than
Vegan Gluten Free Double Chocolate Cookie Butter!

Bring home a couple of jars, and spread a spoonful of the most delicious cookie butter right on top – that is, if you can stop yourself from devouring it right out of the jar!

Substitute Carmel Dipped Apples for Vegan Gluten-Free Cookie Butter Dipped Fruit

What is it about dipping nature’s natural sweets into a creamy, mouth-watering dip
that makes it ten times more enjoyable to consume? This year, substitute the usual
sugar filled delicacy with something everyone can enjoy.

Try to layer your apples in a mountain of cookie butter. Explore the incredible taste of dipped pretzels, dunked oranges or covered strawberries. Mix and match between our incredible Vegan Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookie Butter or our unbelievable Double Chocolate flavor.

Either choice will have everyone at the party wondering if they should switch to the plant side too.

Invite Your Guests to Take a Couple of Shots: Extra Vegan-- Hold the Gluten

Between finding vegan wine and gluten free beer, the process can end up being a Google search nightmare. This year, why not try something the entire family can enjoy – kids included! Our custom, Vegan, Gluten free cookie shots are not only available in two flavors; they’re also perfectly paired with soy, oat milk or your favorite cold brew.

Plus you can customize each shot for the perfect take home parting gift or most adorable table decorations! Trust us when we say this is a shot everyone gets a bit wild for!

Cast Aside the Store Bought Sugar Cookies for Some Family Bonding Over a Decorative Gluten Free, Vegan Cookie Bar

Frosted, grocery store brand cookies aren’t usually the household favorite. This year, skip the tiring search for the most festive treats and instead grab your favorite brand of plain Vegan Gluten Free Cookies.

After the big meal, give everyone the freedom to create his or her own custom treats a la carte. Purchase a few flavors of your favorite Vegan, Gluten free Cookie Butter spreads via our product selection along side a few different toppings. Our favorites include a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, fruits, gluten free pretzels and nuts.

Everyone can enjoy the chance to mix and match their favorite sweet treats!

Spread Some Love-- and Delicious Cookie Butter on Everyone’s Favorite Vegan Cookies

Of course, for those who enjoy the classic simplicity of a chewy delectable cookie, we have exactly what you need. Take home a stack of our Vegan, Gluten-Free favorites including, Peanut Butter and Double Chocolate Chip.

Try them plain or enjoy them with the perfect layer of spread from their ideal pairing, each bite bringing you a little closer to cookie monster heaven.

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