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Dessert for My Love Bug

by Nadia Ali 26 Jan 2021
Dessert for My Love Bug


Valentine Day. The day, once a year, lovers get the extra excuse to be extra affectionate. Whether that's through sending a box of chocolates, dozens of roses, or a large stuff animal. Or even little children running around exchanging valentine cards with their classmates and their crushes. Still, nothing beats the creation of a personal and thoughtful gift. 

We all know the true honest way to a man’s heart is food, same for our ladies too. So why not ditch the cliche boring basic Valentine gifts and instead share some hand made Love Bugs with your cookie shots instead? This Love Bug recipe is super easy, and absolutely adorable. Not to mention it’s filled with some delicious Chocolate Mousse!

For the Love Bug portion of this recipe, all you’ll need are the following Ingredients.



- Oreo Cookies

- Red Candy Melts

- Royal Icing Eyes

- Optional: Valentine Themed Sprinkles



  1. Grab a baking sheet and lay it flat with parchment paper. This will be your drying surface after we dip your Oreo cookies in chocolate. Make sure you are using parchment paper and not foil or just spraying on non stick spray. The parchment paper will provide you with a non stick drying surface and easy clean up.

  2. In a microwave safe bowl, place your Red Candy Melts in to melt. We highly advise to microwave your chocolates in 15-20 minute increments, and to stir in-between each increment. This will allow you to carefully melt your chocolate without burning it.

  3. Dip half of your Oreo cookie in your melted chocolate. Once half of your cookies are fully dipped and covered in chocolate, go ahead and place them flat down on your parchment paper drying tray.

  4. Immanently following the placement of your Oreo cookie down, and while the chocolate is still wet and melted, quickly sprinkle on your Valentine sprinkles if you choose to.

  5. Leave your Oreo cookies to dry while finishing off the rest of your Love Bugs. Once all your cookies have dried, go ahead and use the remaining melted chocolates as the glue to glue on your Love Bug eyes!

  6. Once all your Love Bugs have been made, you can than continue on to make your Dirty Cookie Chocolate Mousse filling! Click HERE to see our full recipe on Chocolate Mousse.

  7. Once your Chocolate Mousse filling is made and all your cookies are filled, grab a Love Bug and place it on top! Now your Love Bug cookie shots are full made and ready for cheers!


We hope you found this easy and adorable Valentine dessert just as filling, and even more thoughtful, than a box of chocolates! And don’t forget, the last day to place any and all Valentine Kits and Assortments, will be February 2nd while quantities last!

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