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My Valentine Berry Trifle

by Nadia Ali 30 Jan 2021
My Valentine Berry Trifle


Have you seen Bridgerton yet? A hit period drama, on Netflix,  based off of Julia Quinn's novel series. Some of our favorite scenes from Bridgeton are when the families are gathered waiting the next day, after the ball, waiting to see what future suitors they may have. More specifically, the adorable and delicious little bite size tea time desserts and snacks they get to enjoy!

So we decided to make our own edition of what we would bring to a tea time gathering with the Bridgerton. Here is our tea time dessert, My Valentine Berry Trifle! A delicious cookie shot filled with chocolate pudding, strawberries, and angle food cake. A sweet but fresh bite size dessert for a beautiful afternoon filled with chatter and love!



- Dirty Cookie Valentine Assortment/ DIY Kit

- White Chocolate Pudding Mix

- 2 Cups Milk

- Angel Food Cake (highly suggest pre-made)

- Strawberries

- Pink Food Coloring



1. In a medium size mixing bowl, combine and whisk together pudding mix and milk. Whisk till a smooth, but thick pudding consistency is form. Before placing your pudding mix in the refrigerator, add in a small drop of pink food coloring. Mix well till the pudding mix is fully pink.

2. Slice the strawberries and pre-made Angel Food Cake into bite size. The smaller the cubes, the better, since they will have to be able to fit on the inside of our Dirty Cookie Shots. 

3. Start layering the inside of your cookie shot with Angel Food cake slices. Then, alternate between the pudding mix and strawberry slices till your Cookie Shot is filled to the top. 

4. Finally, garnish with strawberry slices or some whipped cream, and you're ready to enjoy! 

So do we think Lady Whistledown would give this Valentine Berry Trifle a 10/10 review as one of the hottest, yet delicious, societal scandal's of the season? We sure think so! 


Your Grace, 

Dirty Cookie

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