Bachelorette Party Ideas
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Bachelorette Party Ideas

by Nadia Ali 28 Mar 2023
Bachelorette Party Ideas

Calling all Bride Tribes out there on a mission to throw an epic bachelorette bash! 

Your bride-to-be has been putting in work and stressing for months as she puts together the wedding she’s dreamed about since she was a little girl. So now, it’s time to celebrate the bride by throwing her the bachelorette party of her dreams! Read on for some killer bachelorette party ideas so that Team Bride can celebrate the bride in style and give her the queen treatment she deserves. 

Themed dress-up nights

There are few ways to make a party as fun and festive as possible than by planning it around a fun theme! Bachelorette parties where you dress up like you’re going to a disco or get dolled up like cowgirls are nothing new, but don’t feel like you need to be chained to the same old themes if they don’t speak to your bride! Instead, take a minute to brainstorm some fun ideas that let you branch out from the same old bachelorette party themes. For example: 

  • Have everyone dress as a character from the bride’s favorite movie. The more ridiculous, the better, which means that kids’ movies, cartoons, and ridiculous reality TV stars are all fair game here. 
  • Screen print T-shirts that have the groom’s face on them, then wear them out to the bars and represent the hubby behind the ring. 
  • For the bride whose tastes veer on the more macabre side, plan a horror movie-themed night or a murder mystery party! 
  • For an easy theme that everyone can participate in, organize a decades party based on her favorite decade: think Roaring 20’s, Flower Power 70’s, Glam Rock 80’s, etc. 

Party bus it up

Nothing screams “fun” quite like a party bus. So if you’re planning on taking a trip around town, like to different wineries or boujie bars around the city, travel in style by hiring a limo or a party bus to take you and the girls around safely. Then turn up the bride’s favorite party music, bring some snacks and drinks along, and get ready for a transportation method that’s just as fun as the destination! 

Don’t forget the snacks!! 

No party is complete without a bunch of delicious treats, especially when it comes to bachelorette parties! 

Put together an epic and feminine spread with all of the bride’s favorite treats. Include a mix of both sweet and savory goodies and arrange them all charcuterie board or dessert table style to make a spread that’s as picture-worthy as it is delicious. 

Most importantly, don’t forget the shots — the Cookie Shots, that is! Dirty Cookie’s Cookie Shots are fun and delicious cookies that are shaped like shot glasses to add that extra-special festive touch that’s perfect for celebrating, whether you’re cheers-ing with milk, ice cream, or a sweet alcoholic beverage. 

To make it an extra-special detail that your bride will never forget, take some cues from Kim Kardashian, for her 42nd birthday aboard her little sister Kylie Jenner’s private jet she personalized each of her Cookie Shots with an iconic selfie! Personalize each “shot glass” at your own party with a picture of the bride’s beautiful face, pictures of the groom, and/or the two of them together for a treat that’s (almost) too cute to eat. 

Visit your local winery 

If your bride-to-be loves a delicious glass of wine, let her get all dolled up then treat her to a visit to some of their fave local wineries! Many wineries offer tastings so that she can sample all the vino she wants. Then take a winery tour to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it really takes to be a vintner! 

Turn your bar crawl into a scavenger hunt 

If you’re a drinking crowd, the bar crawl is a quintessential rite of passage at any bachelorette party. But you don’t have to settle for just the bar itself: you can also tweak your bar crawl and make it even more fun by designing a scavenger hunt! Some ideas for things you and the girls need to hunt for during the bar bash:

  • Get a picture with the bartender and bouncer. 
  • Find someone to sing the bride a song. 
  • Get on stage for a karaoke performance. 
  • Take a picture with a guy in uniform (policeman, firefighter, etc) 

Take a class together

Getting the girls together is also a great time to learn a new life skill! Include a fun class at some point during your bachelorette weekend itinerary so that you guys can have a more lowkey day activity where you all learn something new and fun. Some fun classes that are a great fit for bachelorette parties include dance classes, cooking classes, cheese-making, or goat yoga. 

Host a mimosa brunch 

Wedding season is practically synonymous with popping some bubbly, so why not get it going early in the morning and keep the good vibes going all day long with a mimosa brunch? Get some champagne and a variety of your favorite juices: don’t forget the bride’s favorite brand of orange juice for a classic mimosa offering, but also include some fun flavors like cranberry, raspberry, and lemonade so the girls can mix and match based on their tastes. Then pair with some cute brunchy treats like cinnamon rolls, pancakes, and fruit for a full brunch spread that’s sure to go very well with your champagne. 

Get some much-needed R&R 

Wedding planning is hard work, so your bride-to-be will definitely appreciate you setting aside some time for a very necessary spa day. Look into a full-service spa near your party to let her get all the luxurious facials, massages, and pampering her body and mind desperately need. Or, you can put together a DIY spa day at your house or Airbnb with plenty of sheet masks, mani/pedi supplies, scrubs, and lotions. 

Throw a girly sleepover. 

You’ve been friends since you were little girls having sleepovers on the weekends, and now she’s finally becoming the bride, which means that her bachelorette party is the perfect time to throw a grown-up sleepover! Put together a comfy pillow fort or push together some cushy sleeping bags, load up on all of your favorite indulgent snacks, and get the girls ready for a night of laughing, pillow fights, snacks, and drinks for a night that’s a little bit nostalgic and a whole lot of fun. Don’t forget to play a cheesy rom-com in the background to really set the scene! 


Bachelorette parties are a special opportunity to celebrate your best friend’s upcoming nuptials and make her feel like the queen of the hour that she is. Pop the bubbly, take a (cookie) shot, and get ready to party! 

Photo credit: Kim Kardashian Cookie Shots

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