Drew Barrymore's Favorite Cookies Make the Perfect Holiday Gifts
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Drew Barrymore's Favorite Cookies Make the Perfect Holiday Gifts

by Shelley Mantei 25 Oct 2022
Drew Barrymore Dirty Cookie Gift Ideas

Have you started plotting your shopping strategy for the holiday season yet? If not, you should take gift-giving advice from Drew Barrymore this year.

Did you see the adorable shot glass-shaped cookies she was enjoying on her Drew Talk Show? Yes – those were Dirty Cookie’s Cookie shots in all our chewy, gooey glory.

Drew Barrymore and Ross Mathews recently celebrated National Dessert Day by diving into some tasty creations from Dirty Cookie. And we couldn’t agree more with Ross when he shared: "Calories do not count when it’s a National Holiday!"

Drew Barrymore is one of our fave go-to’s for her curated favorite picks for every occasion. We were thrilled to be picked her sweet choice to share with her audience and to make her customized cookie shot glasses with the Drew Show logo. 

Drew Barrymore Dirty Cookie Gift Guide

(Image credit: Drew Barrymoore Show)

Drew loved them filled with hot cocoa, but you can fill with milk, ice cream, espresso or something more adult. We recommend Baileys!

She's Not the Only One! Kim Kardashian Too

They’re perfectly delicious gifts or will set the theme of your party like Kim Kardashian who celebrated her 42nd birthday with customized cookie shots. The Kardashians star documented her entire night on her Instagram stories which first began with her friends and family stepping aboard her little sister Kylie Jenner’s private jet.

Kim Kardashian Birthday Custom Shot Glasses

(Image credit: Instagram Stories)

The jet was adorned with Kim-themed decorations, equipped with Dirty Cookie’s personalized cookie shot glasses and a cocktail menu dedicated to her. Sadly, due to bad weather forcing them to land that adventure ended up with a trip to In-N-Out Burger.

Despite the squad missing out on Usher's Vegas concert, they still seemed pleased to chow down at the famous fast food chain. At least they started the night with dessert!

Kim Kardashian Birthday Cocktails and Cookies

(Image credit: Instagram Stories)

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