Halfway to Christmas - How to Throw a Christmas Party in June
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Halfway to Christmas - How to Throw a Christmas Party in June

by Cross Sell App Support Collaborator 18 Jun 2019
Halfway to Christmas - How to Throw a Christmas Party in June

Christmas lovers rejoice. Christmas Party Gifts to Music. Here's how you can get into holiday spirit even when it's 80 degrees out. 

The sun is shining, the weather is warming up and Summer is upon us. We've finally reached June - the halfway point of the year. Half of the year is behind us and we have another six months of 2019 to look forward to. Not only is it halfway to the end of the year but it is halfway to Christmas! 

It's Time to Decorate!

There's no better way to get in the holiday spirit than by stringing up your Christmas lights and hanging up the wreath. You don't have to go all out for this half holiday! Hang ornaments on the trees outside or even wrap them with lights. Trying to give Santa a run for his money? Bust out the Christmas tree! But don't expect him to come down your chimney - he's on vacation. 


Host a Gift Exchange

Christmas is all about giving so Halfway to Christmas should be no different! Encourage your guests to bring a gift and host a White Elephant gift exchange. A White Elephant gift exchange is when guests bring a wrapped gift with no intended recipient. Guests who brought gifts have the opportunity to pick out a gift for themselves. Once everyone has opened the gifts, guests have a chance to steal a gift somebody else picked out. This is a fun, easy way to get everyone into the holiday spirit in the summer. 

Pssst.... our Cookie Shots & Cookie Butter Sampler Box would make a really great White Elephant gift.


Forget The Ugly Sweaters! 

It's Ho Ho Hot! Forget about that ugly Christmas sweater and dress in your favorite summer threads, complete with a Santa hat. Better yet, encourage your guests to create Ugly Christmas shirts and award the guest with the ugliest, most creative shirt with a gift! 


Turn Up the Music

A good party needs good music so create a killer playlist your guests will enjoy. Create a playlist with a mix of Christmas tunes and today's chart toppers. A good balance between the two will put your guests in the Christmas spirit but won't make them not even want to celebrate Christmas when it really comes around! 


Did Someone Say Shots?

Pour up some classic holiday drinks to really celebrate half Christmas. The Spruce Eats gives us two recipes to make some amazing rum eggnog. Blend the best of the two seasons and serve your guests Holiday Cranberry Mojitos. Serve them up in some festive cups or better yet - a cookie shot! 


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