Spread Love & Happiness This Valentine's Day
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Spread Love & Happiness This Valentine's Day

by shahira Marei 08 Feb 2019
Spread Love & Happiness This Valentine's Day

5 Ways to Spread Love with Food This Valentine's Day

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They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but we definitely think they got it wrong. The truth is -- The way to ANYONE’S heart is through their stomach. So this year, say “I love you” with more than just words, include some sweet treats and small meaningful gestures that your loved ones will cherish forever.


  • 1. Wake Her Up with Breakfast in Bed

  • valentines day, pancakes, holiday pancakes, heart shaped pancakes, pancake reciepes


    Nothing beats the incredible smell of pancakes in the morning. DIY your own heart shaped pancakes with a tin-foil stencil. Take thick piece of tin foil and fold it over 6-7 times until it feels a bit stiff, fold it into a heart shape like the photo and voila, you’ve got the perfect mold.

    Don’t forget the non-stick spray before pouring the batter. And for that extra sweetie, add a spoonful of Red Velvet Cookie Butter it’ll really make her heart sing.


    2. Send a Care Package to A Friend Who Lives Far Away

    hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, cookie shots, holiday packages, care package

    You know the feeling you get when your Prime package arrives at your doorstep? Well imagine that feeling multiplied by 10 when your friend opens the door to a beautiful package especially prepared for them.

    You’re probably asking yourself, what do I put in a care package? But don’t worry we’ve got the perfect list for you.

      1. Hot Chocolate with marshmallows, because what pairs better in winter than a warm blanket and a cup of coco?
      2. A Jar of Snickerdoodle Cookie Butter, goes well on anything
      3. Cozy Socks, winters still upon us after all
      4. A scented Candle Freshener
      5. A framed photo - what reminds you more of love than sweet memories
      6. A handwritten note - remember snail mail?
      7. Honey lavender tea - soothes the stomach, perfect for before bed
      8. Half a dozen of your favorite chocolate m&m cookies
      9. Two tickets to the movies - because they probably forgot that was a thing since Netflix

    3.Sign Up for a Bark Box for Your Favorite Furry friend

    holiday box, dog treats, holiday dog treats, puppy chow, dog snacks, dog cookies

    Barkbox is a subscription for your puppy to get some treats and toys each month. Show that adorable pup who waits on you day after day, night after night, that you feel the same way too. They even ask questions about your pup so that the toys and treats are personalized to their size. Even if you don’t have a pup, it can be the sweetest gesture to a friend or neighbor.

    4. Donate to a Local Food Bank 

    second harvest food bank, donate, spread happiness, love, valentine's day giving, gifts, cookies, cookie butter

    Christmas time shouldn’t be the only season of giving. Spread some love this Valentine’s day by providing someone a meal, or at least a part of one. Through the Second Harvest Food Bank, you can donate time, money or food to families in need. Feel the love radiate by giving it more than you get it this year. 

    5. Take a Shot (or 6) at Romance 

    valentine's gift ideas, unique valentine's day shots, perfect valentine's day gifts, cookie cups, cookie shots, customized cookies valentine


     The most popular cookie assortments of the year are finally back. The Valentine’s day cookie assortment is here, as always passing the taste test by a landslide and still getting across the messages of sweet love. Reward someone you adore with their favorite flavor: chocolate chip, red velvet, cookies and cream or even churro. And it’ll even come with a sweet liquid filling they won’t be able to get enough of - pick from cold brew, milk, ice cream or even alcohol.
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