Saint Patrick’s Day Dessert Ideas
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Saint Patrick’s Day Dessert Ideas

by Cross Sell App Support Collaborator 02 Mar 2020

St. Patrick’s Day 2022 Celebration Shots

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about how you'll be celebrating. Whether you're looking to spice up a party for the kids or host an evening soirée for the grown ups, we have the perfect edible drink toppers.

If you want to celebrate with Lucky Charms, Shamrocks, or Leprechaun hats, the centerpiece of the party decor will definitely be our St. Patrick’s Dirty Cookie party shots. Set a yummy tone for the occasion or keep it classic; either way, our extra special shots will bring on the festivities!


Each shot is hand crafted and fill-able with your favorite party drinks. The cookies' delicious flavor variety goes great with milk, Bailey's Irish cream, or any other sweet dessert-flavored liquors such as RumChata or Godiva Chocolate Liqueur–to get everyone in a festive mood! If you’re serving them for kids, fill them with plain milk or any flavored ice-cream.

You’ve got two options to celebrate the luck of the Irish and get your green on with our St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Shot Assortment. 

  • St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Shot Assortment
  •   Forget the plastic cups and get this assortment for something chicer on this holiday! This collection of cookie shots featuring 4 leaf clovers and shamrocks is the fabulous way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Skip the pints and poor beer into cookie shots, forget the boring cups and get the St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Shot Assortment. The themed cookie shots are decorated with edible custom images with sprinkles on the rims. And the best part? You can even send them as a gift box to spread the celebration spirit to your loved ones!

  • St. Patrick’s Day DIY Cookie Shot Decorating Kit
  • Whether you're spending St. Patrick's Day at home or you're heading out to celebrate, it's all about the little details. After all, the best way to get into the Irish spirit is with a few festive decorations and the featured holiday ensemble. Make your celebration a fun activity with our DIY decorating Cookie Shot Kit. Make your holiday green and your drinks sweeter. Decorate the cookie shots, fill them up with your preferred drinks, sip, bite and enjoy! 

    If you’re looking for an exceptional gift this St. Patrick’s day or something to elevate your party, these assortments of Saint Patrick themed cookies are the perfect blend of tasty and chic. Each set includes frosted Cookie Shots with green shamrocks and green festivities. An ideal gift for clients, family, and friends or just a unique dessert to accompany your Irish drinks!



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