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by Cross Sell App Support Collaborator 18 Feb 2020

Do I hear wedding bells ringing?

Or is that just the sound of the bride screaming 😅

Now is not the time to be a Bridezilla…

It’s hard to set the right atmosphere and to truly make a wedding special.

That’s why these things are so dang expensive!

Here are some tips to host a beautiful wedding...without being basic or busting your budget 😇

According to Beau Coop, there are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to wedding etiquette and what to provide as wedding favors. 

First of all, keep in mind that it’s traditional to get every person (kids and adults) a gift. 

However, The Dirty Cookie knows that it gets pricey for those individual gifts!

We have special wedding favor cookie packs that we have at a discounted price instead of purchasing our cookie shots individually ❗ 

Second thing, weddings are all about aesthetics and placement. Every arrangement and set-up has a purpose, so it’s important to organize your favors at least a month prior to allow time for assembling and placing. 

Luckily, our party favors serve as beautiful decorations as well as little gifts. 

You can either individually place our cookie shots, one per table setting, or you can have our assortment pedestalled in the center of each table as an art piece. 

If you don’t want to have the cookie shots on the table where your guests will be sitting, you can set up a table where guests can pick up their gifts upon entering or leaving the reception.

(If you want to be extra cute, you can tag little labels/cards with the individual’s, couple’s or family’s name written in calligraphy on them)

Oh Oh… or there is always the gift basket option!

If you want to have a hodgepodge of items mixed in a basket, we have different pack sizes for our cookie shots that you can place in your baskets and hand them out.

Now this last tid-bit is optional...but let’s talk about personalization!

Depending on your relationship with your friends and family, you may be super close with certain people and for other people you may have just invited them because they give sick presents or you got forced into inviting them...

ANYWAYS….we are the queens of customization so if you want personalized party favors for certain guests - we gotchu 😉😜

When it comes to our cookie shots, we can write individual names, feature pictures of faces, include certain characters, etc. on our logos as well as have unique wedding cookie flavors. 

Besides our cookie shots, we have our cookie butters and cookie dough truffles that also come in vegan, gluten-free options. 

At end of the day, your guests aren’t coming to your wedding for the gifts - they are coming for you and your partner. This is you and your partner’s wedding where you both get to decide how to write the beginning of your new story - so no stress - everything will work perfectly in the end 💘

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