Summer Activity - Dirty Cookie DIY Cookie Decorating Kit
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Summer Activity - Dirty Cookie DIY Cookie Decorating Kit

by Nadia Ali 20 May 2021
Summer Activity - Dirty Cookie DIY Cookie Decorating Kit - The Dirty Cookie


Summer is officially here and now what? We definitely want to hit the beach and soak up all the sun we can, or perhaps travel and see the word, maybe pick up a book or two? The options are endless! Leave it to us though when it comes to one fun filled, family friendly, and delicious activity for the summer time. Our Decorating Kits are the summer activity of the year! It involves zero travel, zero planning, zero preparation, just lots of hungry bellies and laughter! We already have all the ingredients and directions perfectly laid out for you.


We have a wide variety of selections to choose from when it comes to our varying themed Dirty Cookie Decorating Kits. Some of our cookie kit themes are mermaid, unicorn, dog lover, birthday, and our soon to be coming out Summer edition! Not to mention we’ll have our sparkling 4th of July kits out just in time for some fun filled 4th of July parties.


Every single Decorating Kit comes with 1 bag of chocolate wafers, 6 cookie shots, bag of kit themed sprinkles, 6 kit themed decorations. The 6 cookie shots flavors are 2 chocolate chip, 2 double chocolate, 1 churro, and 1 red velvet. These cookie flavors are preset flavors, so every single decorating kit only comes with these set quantities and cookie shot flavors.


Upon your Dirty Cookie DIY Kit arrival, you can store them either in the freezer for up to 3 months or in an airtight container for up to 30 days! As for instructions on how to enjoy your cookie shots? Simple, you can always find them inside the brochure that arrives with ever Decorating Kit, or visit our YouTube channel to watch our tutorial! Happy cookie decorating this summer

Dirty Cookie

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