Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want To Receive
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Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want To Receive

by Nadia Ali 10 Mar 2023
Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want To Receive

You did it - you threw the wedding of the century, and now it's time to give a big shout-out to your guests for making it even more amazing. 

But hold up, let’s be real, boo. No one wants another dusty wine glass or boring bottle opener to add to their collection. That’s why we’ve rounded up some fun and unique wedding favor ideas that’ll have your guests swooning. Get ready to turn up the sass and let’s dive in!

Cookie Shots

When it comes to wedding favors, it’s always a good idea to go with delicious and edible treats. Rather than being a burdensome trinket that your guests are going to have to remember to take home with them at the end of the night that eventually just turns into clutter, edible treats can be enjoyed on the way home (or even during the wedding itself!). Plus, who doesn’t love cookies? 

So for the most unique and fun edible wedding favor that’ll keep the party going, consider giving your guests the gift of these Cookie Shots by Dirty Cookie! These fun shot glass-shaped cookies come in several flavors, can be decorated to match your theme, and can be filled with milk, ice cream, or adult beverages depending on the vibe of the party. The best part? Cookie Shots are customizable! Decorate each “shot glass” with your names and the date of your wedding, or add an edible picture of the bride and groom to really make a statement. They can even be individually packaged in cute custom clamshells and branded for your theme for an added signature touch! 

Seed Packets

You wowed your guests with all the beautiful florals at your wedding. Now, add a little beauty to their life by giving them a packet of seeds to take home with them! Flower seeds are a wonderful gift that’ll let your guests grow a garden that’ll remind them of you and your nuptials every time they see the blooms. Make a little personalized packet of seeds, then add some basic care instructions so that they can nurture those seeds into full-blown flowers. For an extra-special touch, give them seeds that are reminiscent of the florals that you used in the wedding bouquet and floral arrangements.

Mini Potted Plants

In a similar vein, you can also give each gift a tiny potted plant! Small plants like succulents and air plants are easy to care for and add an instant touch of brightness to every room, and you can even customize the pots to commemorate your wedding with initials or a monogram if you want. Bonus points if you propagate them from your own collection or garden. 

Personalized candles

Candles add so much ambiance and mood to wedding decor. So if your own wedding was a candlelit fairytale, you can let your guests take home some of the magic with a personalized candle. You can either make and hand-pour candles yourself for an extra-special touch, or you can buy a large number of nice candles and replace the label with something that speaks to your wedding. 

Customized candy 

Again, edible wedding favors are always a crowd-pleaser, especially since your guests can munch on them the night of. To help satisfy all the sweet tooths in attendance, consider gifting your guests with personalized candies: buy a bulk quantity of your favorite candy bars or sweets, then use custom labels that have you and your spouse’s last name or a picture of the two of you on the packaging. 

Mini champagne bottles

Nothing says “wedding celebration” quite like champagne, so mini champagne bottles are a great favor that your guests definitely aren’t likely to forget as they leave. Swap out the label with a personalized label to add a fun and thoughtful touch to an already much-appreciated favor. 

Photo booth pictures

Wedding favor thank you gifts

Photo booths are so much fun at weddings, and they can also work really well as a favor that your guests will actually cherish forever! Bonus points: many photo booths print out two copies of the photo strip, so you can have them leave one behind for your guestbook along with a personalized message so that it can double as a gift for yourself and your partner! 

Local honey, jam, or wine

If your venue is a barn, farm, or winery, giving your guests a taste of its goods is a wonderfully thoughtful gift idea that’s made all the more special since it actually relates to the festivities themselves. Buy small jars of your venue’s best goods, then add a label with your names or initials plus some ideas for recipes on how to use them. 

Temporary tattoos 

For the artsy couple who’s well-known for their love of ink, temporary tattoos are a fun gift for both adults and children alike! You can customize temporary tattoos with whatever you want --- some wedding-themed ideas include an illustrative portrait of you and your spouse, your last names in a classic tattoo script font, hearts, and roses. You can even commission a portrait of your pets so that they can be represented in the fun! 

Customized coffee blends

If your world primarily runs on caffeine, you know how well-received a good coffee blend is. So if you know that your crowd also really enjoys a nice, hot cup of coffee in the morning, give them a customized blend of your favorite beans! 

Hangover kit 

For the couples who are throwing an epic bash first and foremost, give your guests the gift of after-festivities recovery! Include some hangover necessities like electrolyte packets, Advil, and gum so that they can remember your wedding for the epic fun that it was (and not so much the horrible headache afterward). 


Your guests helped make your wedding unforgettable, so why settle for boring favors? 

From sweet treats to personalized trinkets, we've rounded up some seriously fun and unique wedding favor ideas that'll have your guests swooning. 

The best wedding favors are fun and useful, so get creative and show your guests some love with favors that are as amazing as they are!

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