Corporate Gifting - Treat Your Clients and Employees
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Corporate Gifting - Treat Your Clients and Employees

by Cross Sell App Support Collaborator 02 Jul 2019
Corporate Gifting - Treat Your Clients and Employees


A company's backbone is in its employees and clients so it's important to let them know they're appreciated for all that they do. Whether you manage a small team or oversee thousands of employees, thanking them with a special touch can go a long way. The same applies to your clients. A thoughtful gift expresses how much you appreciate their business and your desire to keep working with them. 




The Dirty Cookie's cookie shots are a unique way to celebrate the people you're gifting. It's not just a paperweight sitting on their desk or something they'll never use. A cookie shot is something they can enjoy and something that will inspire a smile on their face. It's a thoughtful touch because you're inviting them to take part in a special moment that you just can't get with any other gift. Sipping and biting a cookie shot is an experience in itself. It's not your traditional boring cookies and milk. They can fill it up with whatever they want, have their shot and eat it too!


All of our cookie shots are customizable so you can add a little bit of your personality to yours. We can adorn the cookie shot in any color you desire and even put your or your client's logo on it. When they open this package, they'll be reminded of what a cool company they work for or work with. 

Gifting your client with a gift card is a great option because they can choose what they like and make the decision for themselves. 


In addition to helping you with some really cool gifts, we'd love to help make a special moment between you and your employees or clients happen. Sit back and enjoy the great people you've surrounded yourself with and let us do the serving! We'll pour up cookie shots with milk, coffee, alcohol - whatever you want to treat your guests with. A cookie shot bar is a creative, simple addition to any corporate event that won't be passed up by your guests. 



Some gifts miss the mark, are thrown in the trash or simply forgotten about. A cookie shot encourages your client/employee to sit back and savor a moment, all thanks to you. Sip, bite and smile! 

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