Cheers to an Unforgettable Wedding
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Cheers to an Unforgettable Wedding

by Cross Sell App Support Collaborator 09 Jul 2019
Cheers to an Unforgettable Wedding

Every bride wants her day to be unforgettable. From the venue, the flowers, the reception menu - every little detail matters. Your special day surrounds you with love, celebration and good fortune for a beautiful future together with your spouse. It's your special day so shouldn't it be unique? Ditch the cake and serve up some custom wedding cookies!

Okay, keep the cake too...we know your sweet tooth can handle it.  

What is a cookie shot? A cookie shot is a carefully crafted cookie molded into a cup, so you can take your shot and eat it too. Sharing a cookie shot with your loved ones creates a special moment unique to other treats. Just fill your shot, cheers, sip and bite. It's an experience that brings a smile to everyone's face. Your unique wedding is all about sharable moments like this. 

Our custom wedding cookie shots can be customized with any color, any phrase and any image you desire for a unique wedding treat. We want to help make your unique wedding even more special.


This day is about you! Your day is to let loose and celebrate your love and commitment with your loved ones and guests. No need to sweat the small stuff, we've got it. We'll come cater your wedding and serve our custom wedding cookie shots. These shots can be filled with anything. Ice cream, toasted marshmallow, coffee, milk, liquor - you name it! Pick your potion and we'll pour up. Now that deserves a shot.  

Our wedding cookie shot assortment makes for some unique favors for your bridal shower and reception. Leave your guests with something to take home and celebrate your special day one more time. Pair the shots with a mini Baileys or Kahlua in The Dirty Cookie fashion for a special touch. 


"She said yes!" Custom wedding cookies make the perfect invitations for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Don't just send them a card asking them to take part in your special day, send them something they can enjoy when thinking of you! Our custom wedding cookie shots can be individualized to invite your loved ones in any way you desire. Inviting your wedding party with a cookie shot is a moment they will not forget. You said yes and they will too. 

Vegan or gluten free guests, friends or family? You're in luck. We have delicious vegan & gluten-free cookie shot options so everyone can take part in this special moment with you. These shots can also be customized to your liking and paired with whatever dairy free option you choose. It's your day! Have it however you like. 


The sweetness doesn't stop there. Appeal to the child in all of your guests with our Dirty Shake Bar. The Dirty Shake bar features any topping under the sun and we'll throw in your favorites too. Our milkshake bar is just another way to make your unique wedding that much sweeter.  

Your day will always be remembered by the ones you love. Make it that much more memorable by sharing a special moment with them you couldn't just get from a wedding cake. Have a shot and cheers to a happy future filled with love and a whole lot of sweetness!

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