Delicious Valentines Day Treats
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Delicious Valentines Day Treats

by Cross Sell App Support Collaborator 11 Dec 2019
Delicious Valentines Day Treats

Ahhhh…. Valentine’s Day.

Some say this day is arbitrary… but I think it’s the one day out of the year when you can be super cheesy with your significant other and not be judged 💓

However, what I cannot stand is not the cheesy-ness

…but the Cliché-ness 😒

I’m sure you and your significant other can vouch for me when I say that the cliché flowers, box of chocolates, teddy bear, and card are lazy, last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts you pick up at some random drug store on your way home from work.

We get it…

Sometimes your significant other may just be...

But you still love them for everything that they are

...It’s time you do something special and unique for them this Valentine’s Day 😍

Mind you, I know we’re not even in the month of January yet but it’s better to prepare that special sumthin’ sumthin’ earlier than end up at a Walgreens the day of…

Whether your other half is a sweet-tooth or not, these Valentine’s Day Cookie Shots help describe how he/she makes you feel and will put a smile on their face 😄

I mean...look how dang precious they are ❗❗

Get your personalized Valentines Day cookie shots here 

Because these cookie shots are so custom, you can symbolize your lasting love for each other with different characters and messages - Clink you Cookies to that!

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