Unique New Years Eve Party Ideas
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Unique New Years Eve Party Ideas

by Cross Sell App Support Collaborator 08 Dec 2019
Unique New Years Eve Party Ideas

A typical “Adult” New Years Eve celebration may include the following:

  • Having FOMO because you’re not in Time Square

  • Sending late night drunk texts to every single contact on your phone

  • Anxiously trying to find your midnight kiss, but regret who it is the next morning...

Sound familiar?? (and NO, this is NOT a personal experience…🙊)

As we grow up, drinking becomes a central activity we do to celebrate

….Especially to ring in the New Year!

We want to remember how we ended 2019 as we start this new adventure of 2020. 

...So instead of going to a party and getting wasted, why not host one yourself 🎆

Taking the role of host means less “getting lit”, 

but it also means being more in the moment with family and friends that you love.

Don’t jeopardize that time by having to hide in the bathroom, hugging the toilet 😑 

What makes a great host is having a party that caters to everyone.

Taking Cookie Shots is a fun way to celebrate

...for the entire family!

Our cookie shots are fun because they come Custom:

  • Choose from different flavors (Chocolate, Red Velvet, Churro, Vegan, etc) 

  • Decorate your Cookie Shot with a Character of your choice.

  • Customize even the filling (Vanilla or Chocolate cream, almond milk, toasted marshmallow, whatever your heart desires)


Everyone celebrates the start of the New Year differently and be better than the year before!


We’re here to help make the celebration more memorable…

Reflecting on 2019 but also looking forward to 2020 

Cheers to that 🍪🥛🍪🥛🍪🥛



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