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Fathers Day Gift Guide

by Bold Commerce Collaborator 07 Jun 2020
Fathers Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day. A day to show some extra, over the top, appreciation towards our dear fathers. For some families, that means spending good quality time together. For others, it  may mean taking your Father out to the best Steak house in your neighborhood. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, there really is no right or wrong way. The thought is what really counts!

Or perhaps you live a few states or an ocean away from your father. Or you just want to get him something special. Needless to say, here’s our little Father’s Day Gift Guide for you!

1. Breakfast Sandwich Maker
I've yet to meet a man who doesn’t enjoy eating food, and we all know our fathers love to spend time with their family and kids. This breakfast sandwich maker is perfect for a quick little family time, and activity, in the kitchen together.
2. Wireless Meat Thermometer
This gift is for all the grill master fathers out there. The Thermometer easily connects to your phone wirelessly, therefore allowing a larger range of freedom when grilling.
3. Kombucha Brewing Kit
Quarantine has really taught us individuals how to make all types of foods and beverages at home. A Kombucha Brewing Kit is the next step up for all your trendy fathers who enjoy a good sip of Kombucha throughout his day.
4. Milk Frother
Coffee just doesn't taste the same when the milk is not froth all the way. There are a wide variety of milk frothers to choose from. From a hand held devise, to a fancy blender like frother.
5. Water Bottle from Healthish
Staying hydrated through out the day is very important. However, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of how much we have and haven’t drank. That is exactly why you need to purchase a water bottle from Healthish! Also, you’ll be supporting another small business too!
6. The Dirty Cookie Father’s Day Kit
Lastly, but not least, we have US! You can’t forget about us! Seeing that you are reading our blog after all. We do very much have our own Father’s Day Cookie Kit, that is currently available for purchase. The absolute perfect family friendly activity for everybody! Did I also mention how delicious they taste with some milk?


Well, happy shopping for your Father's Day Gift. We hope these six items can spark an idea for your dear father!

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