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Fathers Day Gifts DIY

by Bold Commerce Collaborator 02 Jun 2020
Fathers Day Gifts DIY

Has your dad went from pounding beers in his mancave upstairs and watching football to having tea time and playing princess? Or has he gone from listening to ACDC to listening to Disney princess songs...on repeat?

Cookie Shot Cheers to the dads that do the most for their daughters and sons and who deserve a father’s day gift from a distance! 

Whether you want to do a Father’s Day Gift DIY, need some Father’s Day party ideas, or just want your Father’s Day gift delivered - we are pulling out all the stops to help you and your family celebrate that one day out of the year where dad gets more attention than mom 😀😝

Our Cookie Shots come custom with logos and decorations that the uncles, grandpas, step-dads, and dads in your life will be sure to adore. There are also vegan cookie flavor options too!

Did I hear Delivery??

Yes we will do a special Cookie Delivery for you on Father’s Day. 

Just checkout our website: the home to online shop for gifts!

Our Father’s Day Cookie Shot gift packs come as a 6-pack or a dozen with an assortment of flavors to choose from: 

Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Red Velvet & Churro 💛

We also have some options if you want to get more creative.

Why not get creative with some family party ideas??

If you want to get the little tikes involved to make something special for daddy, well here are some ideas for homemade father's day gifts from preschoolers.

  • We don’t recommend having your kids running around with a flamethrower at home - but you can totally add some marshmallow filling and torch your Cookie Shot 🔥

  • Or if you would like some Father’s Day social media ideas...we have a Daddy & Me DIY Cookie Shot Decorating Kit that is a super fun activity for the kids and is also going to be one of those memories dad will cherish. Heck, it can be a mommy and daddy activity!

  • Another fun activity for a family party is making Father’s Day Candy Gift Baskets! If you’re going to get all the dad’s together - making individual gift baskets that showcase each of their personalities is a great way to show how much you love them for everything that they are. That’s why our Cookie Shots come Custom - fill up that Candy Gift Basket with dad’s favorite flavored cookies and little messages that will be sure to pull their heartstrings 💓

Just remember, no matter what you get the dads for Father’s Day, they will appreciate the thought and really … like what else does your dad need that he doesn’t have already?! 

Happy (almost) Father’s Day :)


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