Spread Love and Hope to your Local Businesses and Community💕
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Spread Love and Hope to your Local Businesses and Community💕

by Cross Sell App Support Collaborator 17 Mar 2020
Spread Love and Hope to your Local Businesses and Community💕



Spread Love and Hope to your Local Businesses and Community 💕


It’s times like these…

Well actually, it’s not often a time like this happens.

You mention the word Coronavirus, and you see shoulders tense up.

It’s a sensitive subject - for families, friends and fellow businesses. 

It’s hard to avoid this ripple effect of fear,

Fear is spreading fast, even faster than the disease itself

...Let’s combat fear by spreading even more love and happiness💕

We need to entertain ourselves…

I mean, when are we ever going to have this much time just being with family at home?

Back when I was a kid, my cousins and I would wreak havoc around the house!

We would pretend to be rockstars one day and annoy our neighbors with our singing (which was actually shrieking). The next day we would trash the backyard with paint splattered everywhere because we pretended to be artists.

Those days were the best!

TDC wants to help jog your memory of being a kid again.

So we have Cookie Shots with our favorite characters to bring back a smile to your face.

It’s going to be hard not to see friends all the time at huge social settings.

But maybe you can bring the party to them :)

I think of Souplantation and how they pass out those chocolate chip cookies during dinner time.

It’s the same dang cookies sitting in the baked goods section, you just gotta get up and grab it.

...but it’s just something about the cookies being delivered to you that makes it feel special. 

Now let’s talk about the businesses that are affected.

Specifically the entertainment/event industry...

What can we do as an entire industry to stick together and help each other stay afloat?

Communication is key and sharing information with each other’s stakeholders, partners, and customers is important. 

Not only sharing information, but also sharing resources. 

You see those long lines and empty shelves…

Whether people have rhyme or reason for hoarding household items, it leaves businesses with no inventory to stay open. 

If your business has enough toilet paper and/or resources to last for a bit, consider the next time when you purchase your next pack to give it to another local business. 

We want to help our fellow small businesses because this situation will get better, and when it does we want to see each other’s business boom!

We’ll deliver cookies with custom logos and milk to any business that needs a little pick-me-up. 

Same goes for business owners when they see their customers who are in need.

If you have loads of household items stocked up in your inventory that you can share, consider offering a pack with an elderly person you see struggling to find items of their own. 

It’s important in a weird time like this that we don’t let fear divide us - instead we should exercise compassion and look out for our friends, family members, neighbors, and businesses who may be having a harder time dealing with this situation. 

Don’t forget to Smile :)

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