Dessert Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained in Quarantine
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Dessert Ideas to Keep You & The Kids Entertained in Quarantine

by Cross Sell App Support Collaborator 29 Mar 2020
Dessert Ideas to Keep You & The Kids Entertained in Quarantine


It’s Day 10 for me since I started working from home..... 

The extroverted part of me is literally screaming because my lifestyle drastically changed from surrounding myself with different people all the time to cutting any involvement with the outside world.

Sounds like the plot to a Sci -Fi drama?

Well.. if you have been doing the whole Self-Quarantine thing correctly, 

this is probably how your life has been like this past week too!

But we will get through this 💖

Our kids probably have no idea what’s going on now.

It’s hard to explain to little Johnny and Julie that for the time being they can’t see their grandparents, they can’t play on the playground, and they can’t hangout with their friends.

It’s a lot of YOU CAN’T right now…

For adults and for kids.

We want to say YOU CAN.

YOU CAN get your hands a little dirty. YOU CAN have fun with your kids at home. YOU CAN eat to your heart’s content ❗❗

Our beloved Chocolate Chip Cookie Shots aren’t only great for parties and events, they can always be enjoyed at home in your jammies and snuggies, sitting by the fireplace 🔥

What’s fun about our cookie shots is that you can customize them with whatever filling you want! 

Don’t want to be basic and just fill your cookie shots with milk 🍼

Check out our TikTok @thedirtycookie to learn how to make that thick Dalgona coffee to add as your filling, how we made our cookie butter, and other surprising ways you can dress up your dessert 🙈🙉

During this pandemic, we want to show our appreciation to those essential employees that are our everyday heroes that keep our society afloat. 

We are continuing to take food delivery and shipping orders, and with every order, we are trying to donate masks❗


With everything that is going on - we are a huge advocate on 


It’s a lot of adjusting and finding things to do around the house…

And we want to help to keep you and your family members stay entertained as the days pass by.

We are developing our Cookie Shot Baking Kit so y’all can build your own cookie shots with our pre-made mix, mini moulds and chocolate coating.


Good luck everyone as we start Day 9 of #QuarantineSZN 👏✌

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