Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Easy & Homemade
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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Easy & Homemade

by Cross Sell App Support Collaborator 19 Apr 2020
Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Easy & Homemade

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Easy & Homemade 

To the women that remind us that money isn’t everything.

Who always love us even if we have nothing

And provide for us even when we have everything.

Our mamas just know 💘

Mother’s Day is around the corner

...Do you remember the date?

* I’ll give you a hint - it’s May 10th ❗❗

Now more than ever is time to get creative.

Where is the fun in just buying something from Amazon?

And there aren’t any malls open to shop around.



Look at this Baby Boy Bewildered by Something New
Maybe Mamma can Try Something New Too!

I know when it comes to finding gifts for our mamas, grandmamas, aunts, stepmamas, and grandmamas - it’s hard because all they want is “our happiness and health.” 

Well Aunt Becky - you can’t fit happiness and health in a box!

What you can put in a box is a new way to celebrate & appreciate that special person in your life who has loved you unconditionally on your best days, and also your worst. 

What better way to warm your mom’s heart than comforting her with a Cookie Shot 💓 

We have our bedazzled, beautiful and bougie Mother’s Day gift that is perfect to bring a smile to her face and get her feelin fancy 🎊

You can have custom messages written on your cookie shots to express your adoration and admiration in a simple yet unique way.

You can choose from an assortment of our cookie shot flavors:

Red Velvet, Cookies n Cream, Churro, and Chocolate Chip 🍪🍫


Girls become Lovers Who turn into Mothers
So Mothers be Good to Your Daughters, too

We know that the huge parties and gatherings may be over for a bit, but that just means bringing more of the family closer together and celebrating the life that we all have. 

Momma will take a shot to that!

Like that John Mayer song, we know that our mothers have made us the people we are today - with all their craziness, life lessons, and wisdom. 

In that case, bring the fam bam together to take a part in sharing those Mother Day Cookie Shots and to commemorate the birth giver :)

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