How to Celebrate Aries & Tauruses with Desserts
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How to Celebrate Aries & Tauruses with Desserts

by Cross Sell App Support Collaborator 05 Apr 2020
How to Celebrate Aries & Tauruses with Desserts


My fellow Aries and Taurus kings & queens…

What are we going to do this season to celebrate our day of birth?

If you’re like me, I celebrate my birthday every year as a way to bring all my family and friends together to catch up, eat good food and just laugh a lot.

Now times are a little different, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to celebrate our birthday (or birthday weekend/week/month)❗

With all this newfound free- time, baking cookies when we’re bored and hungry has been stress-relieving and just fun.


PUT DOWN  that circular, conventional chocolate chip cookie ☝☝

We aren’t called The Dirty Cookie for nothing!

We’re here to help you bake some special cookies for your special day - making it picture perfect for you to share on Instagram 🎉

We are whipping up a new DIY Baking Set with our Cookie Shot mix and our chocolate lining to give you a perfect cookie cup to sip milk from. 


We have our Cookie Shot Decorating Kit to get your BDay Party started❗

It’s a gift to share as an activity with your family during quarantine season.

Being creative is fun. Making things is fun. Decorating Cookie Shots is fun.

You can Ice It - Pipe It - Sprinkle It 💖

Our Decorating Kits come with 6 assorted Cookie Shots (Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet, and Cookies N’ Cream), 6 edible Easter decorations, Pastel sprinkles, White melting chocolate, and Dark melting chocolate 🍫🍭🎂


I know our Aries babies are missing going out with friends and having that connection with people every day.


No groups of more than 10 people!

Round up a group of 6 (safe number) of your friends to celebrate your birthday at home and to take some shots with....Cookie Shots that is ;)

We have an Assortment of Flavors to Satisfy Everyone's Tastebuds!

Or for my Taurus fam: We may be known for being stubborn - but that doesn’t mean we should ignore whatever is going on in the world and risk getting our loved ones sick just because we want to hold a rager for our birthday. 

This is a note for myself even, that now is the time to enjoy my own presence - find happiness in the small things - and just breathe and try to just CHHHIILLLLLL.

Maybe take a sip some Bailey's with my Cookie Shot :D

Chill in the Backyard by the Pool with a Shot in Your Hand;)

 Celebrating your birthday this month may be a bit more private and closed-off, but that doesn't mean it's less glamorous, less fun, or less special.

 You decide how you want to throw your birthday party, but no matter how big or small it is...we are here to help bring together your loved ones to celebrate that 1 thing:

YOU <3

Abajo ¡ Al Centro ¡ Al Dentro ¡

Happy Birthday :)

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