New Year's Resolution: Healthy Snack Choices
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New Year's Resolution: Healthy Choices that Include Delicious Desserts

by Cross Sell App Support Collaborator 13 Jan 2020
New Year's Resolution: Healthy Choices that Include Delicious Desserts

According to Go Skill, time and time again the most common New Year's Resolutions that are set include losing weight, exercising more, and being more positive. 

...Only 46% of those who made New Year’s Resolutions were successful!

Trust...gyms will be packed, but the whole “new year, new me” craze will simmer down soon. 

Being healthy doesn’t mean gyming 5 hours a day and eating baby carrots and tofu.

It’s about learning what is good for your own body and finding that balance. 

Let’s stop for a sec and address the elephant in the room…

Obviously The Dirty Cookie sells desserts - you may be thinking:

“Why would I listen to a dessert company give me advice on being healthy?”

Well, we make a conscious effort to provide wholesome products that cater to everyone’s dietary needs and we find ways to promote other businesses that make a positive impact.

From vegan to gluten-free options, our cookie connoisseurs pay close attention to the quality of the ingredients that they use and make note of the source of calories and sugar. 

It’s a science really!

Did you know that our cookie butters are actually nutritious?

There is less sugar and calories compared to its Nutella and Nut-Butter counterparts and we have various flavors that satisfy your cookie cravings.

Not only do we care about the wellbeing of our customers who eat our products, we also care about the wellbeing of our community! That's why we partner with companies that also give back and who genuinely try to help people and the planet.

For example, Dr. Brite is a dental care company that produces organic, animal cruelty-free products. We partnered with their two CEO’s because they are moms who not only want the best for their own kids, but to provide an effective product for kids around the world to use.  

Bracken’s Kitchen is another organization that helps struggling families in the Orange County community that don’t have the means or aid to have a consistent source of food on the table.

We participate in food truck events with Bracken's Kitchen to provide a fun snack that fills tummies and also fuels smiles. 


Sweets are a guilty pleasure yes…

But if you think you’re going to cave in during your New Year’s Diet Plan

Know that even though “dirty” is in our name, we do good.

Celebrate New Years with Positive Vibes and Healthier Choices 💞😇

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