Top Corporate Event Food Trends This Year!
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Top Corporate Event Food Trends This Year!

by Cross Sell App Support Collaborator 13 Jan 2020
Top Corporate Event Food Trends This Year!


Top Corporate Event Food Trends This Year

If you keep up with our adventures on Instagram, you will see that we have been traveling throughout So-Cal and sometimes even out-of-state to cater to some crazy cool companies! 

Every catering event is unique, so we always try to be ahead of the game to prepare for whatever obstacles come our way - because let me tell you..

Catering Ain’t Easy!

Trust me, caterers look like they have an easy job just smiling and serving you food...

but on the inside, we’re thinking of all the ways the event can go wrong and our brain is short-circuiting 🔥

So to avoid going into panic mode, we essentially have a checklist of things we need to prep for each event - similar to this checklist on .

Making sure that every guest enjoys that moment of biting into a cookie shot is important to us. That is why for each event, we make sure we provide substitutions or different options that cater to everyone’s preferences or dietary needs. 

Checkout the various clients that we have catered for

We are featured in press events such as Food insider  and Stylist

Chocolate chip is always a classic, but in case you’re not feeling chocolate we have an assortment of other flavors like Cookies N Cream, Red Velvet, Churro, and even vegan options! 

Our clients know their guests best, so they play a part in creating the menu for that event. 

The key to a successful event is good communication and throwing out your own recommendations as well so we get to know you and your guests better 🍪


Another factor that plays into preparing for an event is the WOW-Factor.

Obviously, we’re trying to impress you and make that first impression memorable.

So we ask ourselves - How do we step it up a notch?

Decor, food presentation, lighting, space, table arrangement, aesthetics, Instagrammable-ness….

Through all the stress and hard work, we have met so many great people and worked with amazing companies!

It’s events like George Lopez’s 12th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic that make our job as cookie connoisseurs so worthwhile!

George Lopez has had this annual golfing event, that we were so happy to be a part of last year, where funds help children with kidney disease go to Kidney Camp. 

Catering to these events where we get to see celebrities from a different lens, or even without a lens, is so special. It’s even more special knowing that these type of events we cater to promote positivity within the community and help those who are faced with challenges but don’t have the means to battle them on their own. 

Now that you know more about how we do catering, check us out for yourself!

Just picture your name, your brand, your logo on a cookie shot!

Custom, Cool, and Collected 😉

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