Spooky + Safe Halloween Activities 2020
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Spooky + Safe Halloween Activities 2020

by Nadia Ali 22 Oct 2020
Spooky + Safe Halloween Activities 2020

Spooky + Safe Halloween Activities 2020

Although we are still in a pandemic, it DOES NOT mean Halloween has to be cancelled! It can be safe, with a 6 foot distance, and still be fun too! We just got to think outside of the box. So, here are 5 Dirty Cookie approved Spooky + Safe Halloween Activities for 2020! 

Please note that every state and city is slowly reopening at their own speed. Regardless, please follow all guidelines when planning your Halloween Party. All to ensure safety for one another (:

1. Halloween Trick- or-Treat with a costume mask on! 

Now this one might seem like a no brainer, but it can also turn into a fun little project for your kids or friends too! DIY Halloween Costumes have always been a thing. So why not turn your mask also into a DIY Halloween Costume project too? Create a mask that can be custom designed to go with your actual physical costume!

*please note to be very careful if you choose to paint your mask, for certain paints may include toxin when inhaled. We highly suggest using already dyed masked or to tie dye your own! 

2. Virtual Halloween Costume Parade

If there is anything the world has discovered more of a use for, it would have to be Zoom. So why not create a little virtual Halloween Costume Party online? You can invite any and all your friends, be dressed up, drink up, catch up, and laugh all in the comfort of your own home! 

3. Enter in our #dirtycookiechallenge

Our dirty cookie challenge is simple and easy! All you have to do is grab any of our cookie shots, put a crazy costume on (or not), grab your family and friends (optional), and snap away some fun and creative photos! Then upload it onto your Instagram feed, hashtag it #dirtycookiechallenge, and tag us @thedirtycookieoc. The challenge ends at midnight PST of Halloween, and we will be checking all time stamps. Our winners will win a YEAR LONG supply of free cookie shots! Shipped straight to their doorstep each month! 

4. Spooky Halloween Backyard Movie Night

Set up a comfortable outdoor seating arrangement for a movie night in your backyard! Pitch a tent, lay a blanket down, you name it! Then get a projector, and project your movie onto your house's wall. 

5. Dirty Cookie Decorating Kit

Of course, what kind of a Dirty Cookie approved Halloween night would it be if we didn't promote our Halloween Decorating Kit? If you're worried about going trick or treating, stay home and decorate your own treat! Our Decorating Kits are the perfect fun, all age friendly, activity! You then finish it all off with a lovely pour of milk on the inside of your cookie shot. 

We hope these 5 Spooky + Safe Halloween Activities for 2020, inspire you to have a fun Halloween night! Got any other fun + safe Halloween ideas? Comment down below and share with us! 


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