Tips for a Celebrating Thanksgiving Safely During COVID-19
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Tips for a Celebrating Thanksgiving Safely During COVID-19

by Bold Commerce 23 Nov 2020
Tips for a Celebrating Thanksgiving Safely During COVID-19

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, it's the season of giving, reflecting, and feeling thankful. 2020 has been quite the year, causing us to all adjust in many different ways. It has not been an easy year, but it also doesn't mean Thanksgiving dinner is ruined!

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, reflect on the crazy year, and to count the blessings we do have in life. Easer said than done, we know! So rather than telling you how to celebrate your Thanksgiving dinner this year, we are here to open your eyes and help wrap your thought process around a new Thanksgiving. Simply just by shifting our mindset, we are able to see the greater things in life and have a sense of fulfillment. Within all the bad, there is still some good. 

Be accepting. Accept that it has been a rough year and that this year's Thanksgiving probably is not going to be as big as your previous Thanksgiving. Know that it is okay to be upset and frustrated that it won't be the same. Accept and know that this is your opportunity to express your thought and love in many other ways. Send your loved ones a thank you card. Send them a gift, and let them know that although you won't be together this Thanksgiving, that you are still thinking of them. After all, it is always the thought that counts. 


Count your blessings. We have all heard of this before, and it is truly so much easier to be said than done. By forcing yourself to sit down and count your blessings, it forces you to shift your mindset. It reminds you of the little things in life that we tend to forget about when life gets busy. Have a moment, sit down and reflect. Enlighten yourself so you can end the year on your best foot forward, ready to tackle on next year's journey! 

All in all, from our Dirty Cookie family to yours. Stay safe this holiday season and Happy Thanksgivings! We are so thankful for your support.


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