Sweeten Up Your Baby Shower & Gender Reveal Party
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Sweeten Up Your Baby Shower & Gender Reveal Party

by Cross Sell App Support Collaborator 16 Jul 2019
Sweeten Up Your Baby Shower & Gender Reveal Party

Baby showers & Gender Reveal parties bring loved ones together to celebrate your soon-to-be parenthood so make it a memorable one!

Baby on the way? Congratulations! Your life is about to be turned around in the absolute best way possible. Before we welcome baby, it's time to celebrate the new journey you're about to embark on with your friends and family. 
Gender reveal parties are still pretty new to the baby fanfare scene. You can find thousands of YouTube videos of soon-to-be parents creatively revealing the gender of their baby. Watch a few of our favorite best gender reveals.
Though we love these reveals, many of the same ideas can be seen again and again. Ditch the balloon pop and confetti, try out a cookie shot reveal! Our baby girl and baby boy cookie shots are a perfect way to uncover the big secret that everyone can enjoy. Have a trusted loved one order a set, reveal and take a shot! These yummy shots go down with a smile and are sure to have baby kicking. They can be served up with milk for the kids and Mama and Bailey's or Kahlua for those who want a little kick of their own. 
Baby showers invite your guests to celebrate your bundle of joy and help you prepare for what's ahead. They're all about fun games, tasty eats, love and togetherness. Set up a cookie shot bar at your baby shower or send them home as favors. Our cookie shots can be customized to fit any baby shower theme and are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.  Our customizable cookie shots are a great way to announce your pregnancy to your friends and family and make great favors, whether it be for your gender reveal party or your baby shower.
Congratulations again. We are so happy for you and would love to make your celebration all the more special!
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