Our Vegan Truffles Teaming with Evolving Vegan & Mena Massoud
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Our Vegan Truffles Teaming with Evolving Vegan & Mena Massoud

by Cross Sell App Support Collaborator 06 Dec 2019
Our Vegan Truffles Teaming with Evolving Vegan & Mena Massoud

Our Vegan Truffles Teaming with Evolving Vegan & Mena Massoud

If you’ve been a genie trapped in a bottle, you probably don’t know this about Mena Massoud - star of the Disney re-make of Aladdin 🙊

He created his own vegan movement where he shares his blogs, travels, and recipes to highlight his evolution to becoming a vegan and to also find ways to help save the planet.

His project is called…

Evolving Vegan 🍀🍃

When we met up with Mena at the Vegan Street Fair in Los Angeles, we couldn’t believe how humble and down-to-earth he was.

He was talking about his journey of being vegan and how he learned that it’s a gradual health process; it’s not about quitting cold turkey 🦃

It’s not about labels, or eating habits or any of that crap. It’s about evolving in the right direction so that we can help save our planet, our bodies and our fellow living souls."

-Mena Massoud


A lot of us at The Dirty Cookie are health conscious not only for ourselves, but also for the livelihood of our kids, parents, and our friends. 

When we started our business back in 2015, we thought about those with food allergies and dietary restrictions and we created our line of Vegan Cookie Shots. 

At the time, there weren’t a lot of dessert places with vegan options 

....Which we thought was so weird 😕


We partnered with Evolving Vegan to give you chocolate truffles that will take your taste buds on a magic carpet ride 😍


If you’re a real chocolate and Spongebob lover

...We hope you got that reference in the pictures above.


But we're so grateful to partner with a company whose values align with ours.

Whether you choose to be vegan because of the hype, or you choose not to be vegan to avoid the hype...with our partnership with Evolving Vegan, we just want to emphasize the importance of being more cognizant of the food that goes into your body and appreciate more of how it’s made and where it comes from.

Thanksgiving just passed and New Years is on its way…

What do you want to change (if anything) about your current lifestyle❓

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